This is an event of ABE Pigs will invade the map and so now here's some of the pigs

Dessert Pig Leader: Easy

Blinding Sand: Deals 100% damage, lowers attack power by 3 turns

Cactus Knight Capt'n: Medium

Huge Spiky Blow: Charge 2 turns Deals 200% target also takes 50% damage for the next 3 turns

Ironclad: Damage less then 60% deals only half the damage

TukanHAMun: Hard

Black Sand: Charge 2 turns: Deals 100% damage to all enemies. Targets are cursed if they are attacked their attackers are healed last 3 turns.

Secondary Tomb: Creates a mirror image of target which attacks a second time dealing 200% damage lasts 3 turns

Undead Revives 3 turns after being knocked out.

Main Prize : Elite Classes and Lucky Coins

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