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The Purplies(also known as The Sparks and John, Jack and Jake) are a evil version of The Blues(Jay, Jake and Jim) and also the enemies of The Pinkies (Juila,Janus and June) also the enemies of them.

They are also the brothers.


The Sparks main ability:They can split into 3 birds like The Blues(Jay, Jake and Jim).

John:he throws thunder bolts like S.H.A.Z.A.M.

Jack:When screen is tapped he flies fast like Chuck.

Jake:Like Stella but,instead of bubbles he throws Bubble type grenade.

John in the middle jack in the left jake in the right



Known Aliases:The Purplies, The Purples, The purple birds, The Purple Bad boys, The Bad BOYS

Anger Level:Evil

What makes them angry:Seeing someone survive, The Birds, Pigs

Hobbies:Hurting someone

Best Friends:None

Relatives:The Blues(Jay, Jake and Jim)(Brothers), The Pinkies (Juila,Janus and June)

Enemies:The Blues(Jay, Jake and Jim),The Pinkies (Juila,Janus and June),Pigs,Red,Chuck,Terence,Stella,Matilda,Bomb,Hal,Bubbles


  • They are the first birds to have a Unknown Gender.
  • Their names are a posssible reference to the name of The Blues(Jay, Jake and Jim) because the blues names are also JJJ and also the purplies are JJJ.