Julia,Janus and June are the gender-bent version of The Blues

Personality Edit

Gender:Female ♀

Known Aliases: The Pinkies,Tiny Pink Birds

Anger Level: Hateful

What makes them angry:Seeing someone hurt,Pigs,Forgotten

Powers:Betting split into 3 birds,turning into Mega Bird

Hobbies:Making up 3-way handshakes,

Best Friends:The blues, Chuck,Terence,Stella,Bella,Pine & Rubik

Enemies:The Purplies

Favorite Holiday:Halloween

Strength:Same as The Blues

Trivia Edit

  • They are the first birds to be gender bent verison of angry bird.
  • Their names are simlar to the months of year that start with J;Julia as July,Janus as January and June as June.
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