This is a pig, it can unleash vines on incoming birds making it hard to defeat.

It looks like a female pig with a flower headband. Its rare and killing gives you 6000 pts

A Big Brother Bird should be help ful against it as the vines are ineffective on Big objects.

There is a stronger variant of this pig, called the Earthheart Baroness, it's a bit bigger and the flower headband is Gold with the original being Green. The Earthheart Baroness is a BOSS, appearing at the end of the episode 'Miracle of Nature'. The Earthheart Baroness needs to be hit 3 times for it to pop.


  • This is my first female pig
  • This pig's origin is unknown
  • Once you defeat EarthHeart Baroness a song is unlocked where a Nature Baroness sings "When nature all comes down to your heart, its seems beautiful. When the tree are around you how are they feeling?(Farts) (Bursts into a fit of laughter)
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