The Blues: Jay, Jake, and Jim, otherwise known as the Blue Birds are characters in the Angry Birds series of games created byRovio Entertainment. They were first introduced in 2009 with the original launch of the game. The Blues are Mountain Bluebirds and a set of triplets. Originally, they were presented as a single small blue bird in animated shorts and promotional art.

Appearance Edit

All 3 birds are completely identical. They have slighty longer beaks than Red, notable red-orange bags under their eyes, and unlike the other birds they have no eyebrows. They have 2 top blue feathers and 2 black back feathers. Additionally unlike the other birds, they have no chest feathers.

In the film version, The Blues are small anthropomorphic Blue Birds as their eye color are different, Jay's eyes are blue, Jake's eyes are teal and Jim's eyes are brown. Both Jay and Jake has a yellow feet while Jim's are orange.

Character Edit

Personal Data Edit

  • Name: Jay, Jake, and Jim (The Blues)
  • Known Aliases: Blue Bird(s), Lightning Birds (from Angry Birds Space), Duplicate Birds
  • Group Affiliation: The Flock , The Flock in Space,The Flock in a Galaxy Far,Far Away
  • Known Relatives: Each other (Triplets)
  • Best Friends: Each other, Bomb, Bubbles
  • Voiced by: Heljä Heikkinen (Angry Birds Toons), Noah Schnapp, Owen Vaccaro, & Pierce Gagnon (The Angry Birds Movie)

Jay Jake and Jim Edit

They first appeared in Theme 1-10 , Poached Eggs and have appeared as a playable character in every version and episode of the game released so far, though he is not necessarily in all levels. In the Fuji TV exclusive episode: Sakura Ninja, the Blue Birds appear dressed as taiko drummers. This was the first time they have appeared in costume in any game and completely new game sprites were created for this episode.

These birds are the weakest playable characters but have the unique ability to multiply into three identical copies. This ability is triggered by touching the screen or clicking the mouse (depending on the version of the game the player is using).

The Blues' splitting ability can be exploited in different ways. By splitting just before impact with an obstacle, the three birds' force on impact is concentrated for maximum force. Alternately, the birds can be split early allowing them to spread out and hit more obstacles at once.

While the Blues do not cause much damage with most obstacles, they do have a unique strength against glass/ice, able to penetrate it with surprising ease. They also can damage or destroy damaged shards of wood. However, they cannot destroy stone at all.

  • Have The Blues get near the glass. Before making contact, split them. They will cause major destruction on it.
  • If you use The Blues on wood, they will shatter one piece of it, even though you already split them.
  • Try to not use The Blues on stone. They are useless on it. However, they can topple it over, but it's not worth using them on stone.
  • Use it if you fire too high to attack like an airstrike.

Personality Edit

The Blues, like the others, get surprised when it comes to egg theft and smuggled birds. They are daring and inquisitive and often get themselves into trouble and cause mischief, causing the Flock to have to intervene. An example may include the episode Egg Sounds, where the Blues trick Red, Chuck, and Matilda into thinking that the eggs are speaking. They are the youngest members of The Flock, excluding Bubbles.[1]Unlike the other birds, they are fond of Mighty and they visit him often, according to the comics. In the toons, they are unruly, mischievous, and playful. All the Birds treat The Blues specially, as they are only children. For example, Red would teach them respect, Bomb would play with them, Matilda teaching them to eat healthy, and Hal to look after them.

While the Blues aren't as dedicated to egg-protecting as Red, they still care for the eggs and always somehow rescue them from the pigs when they are captured. They are very cunning and can see someone's intentions almost immeadiately, as seen in True Blue? and Catching the Blues. They hate being controlled and don't like following other's ways, as they think they can do it better. They demonstrate this in Full Metal Chuck, where they hate following Chuck's orders and are able to complete all of his challenges fluently and better than him.

The Blues description from the  Angry Birds Official Website

"The Blues are the pranksters of the flock who love nothing more than playing tricks and getting up to mischief. Trouble-making is what they do best – like the time they dressed Chuck in a pig costume as he slept and then called over Terence to deal with the green intruder. Let’s just say Chuck jumped up pretty fast after seeing the terrifying Terence at his bedside! Arrrgggghhhhh……!!! These guys may have a carefree attitude, but they’re also super-smart. When playing a prank they find clever ways to hide their tracks and keep everyone guessing! And how about this for a special power...? They cling on to each other to look like a single blue bird, and then in mid-flight unleash a surprise three-way attack to bombard the pigs from different directions! Boom!! If Red and Matilda are the mature birds looking over the flock, then the Blues are the young little hatch lings. When they get caught being mischievous, they quickly show those helpless puppy eyes and then it’s impossible to stay mad at them! Matilda wants them to eat vegetables, Red talks about responsibility, and Bomb teaches them how to have fun – so guess who they like the best?"

The Blue's modified description from the Birdsonality Test:

"The Blue Birds are the pranksters. Quick and inventive, they keep their friends amused with their latest mischief. They enjoy arguing and especially playing. Being such a creative type, they can have a hard time focusing on tasks, especially when they feel tedious or routine. But when they do focus, they are resourceful and inventive problem-solvers."

History Edit

Main Article: Angry Birds

This is the Blue's first appearance. They were often thought to only be one bird who could clone himself. The Blues appear in every theme of the game, and also appear in every cutscene. They are considered original members of the flock and thus have appeared in every installment after the original game.

They are first introduced in Poached Eggs, level 1-10 in a glass and stone structure. This is where most players learnt that The Blues were only able to destroy glass and not other structures.

The Blues were kidnapped, along with Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, and Hal, in The Big Setup and they were saved by Terence, the Big Brother Bird.

Many fans adore the Blues due to being the only bird whose specialty is glass, and also for their cuteness.

Main Article: Angry Birds Seasons

The Blues made their second appearance to what was originally Angry Birds Halloween. Like the first installment, they are the second bird introduced in the first theme, Trick or Treat. Afterwards, they appear in all the following themes.

Sub Article: Ham'o'ween Short Movie

The Blues are trick or treating, and notice Bubbles, the Orange Bird in their candy basket. At first, they don't think much of him, but see pigs walking by. Afraid to be seen, they hide behind a tree only to realize that Bubbles is unintentionally kidnapped by the pigs, being lured by their candy. They get into the King's fortress by wearing one of the pig's masks, and stop King Pig from eating Bubbles by using controls on a conveyer belt. Bubbles is suddenly angered, as the King Pig ate a piece of candy he was aiming for, and he puffs up, revealing his ability. Afterwards, the Blues and Bubbles walk back from the castle, which is now crumbling apart.

Sub Article: Year of the Dragon Short Movie

The Blues have also traveled to China twice. While there the second time, The Blues, while hiding, watched the Pigs’ production of the Mighty Dragon puppet show and witnessed the Dragon’s attack. They first watch the play that the pigs have set up. The bird-puppets tend to eggs, but are suddenly frightened by the King Pig who comes to steal their eggs. However, they strike back using the Red-Koi stickers, and the King is frightened. However, the Corporal and the King are insulted and blow away the stickers. This causes the Blues to be angered, and they fling a Red Koi into the air, summoning the Mighty Dragon and ultimately destroying the showplace.

Main Article: Sakura Ninja

They also visited Japan, where they dressed as taiko drummers.

Main Article: Angry Birds Rio

The Blues, along with Red and Chuck, are tending to eggs but are captured by the smugglers and flown to Rio, where they are to be sold. Angered, they rustle in the cage so hard that it ends up exploding. The Blues escape, and assist in freeing the birds in the cages. Once they leave the den, they retreat to the jungle, getting rid of marmosets in their way. After the birds hijack the smuggler's plane, they use it to fly back home to Piggy Island.

Main Article: Angry Birds Space

In another adventure, The Blues and the Flock were whisked into Space via a wormhole, gained super powers and fought the Space King and the Space Pigs. During this time, despite their adventurous nature, they were often homesick and wanted to go back home. They gain costumes that resemble The Flash, and when flung they emit a flashing light of electricity. They still obtain the same power of splitting into three.



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