Stephen "Pig" is the brother of Daniel "Bird", but joined the pigs. He is a green-skinned pig (when he needs to turn into a pig). He is just a centimeter smaller than King Pig, has curved teeth (like the Minion Pigs), and short, brown spiked up hair. Like his brother Bird, Pig can change into a pig if he wants to. His real name is Stephen, but he prefers the term Pig. Pig loves Angry Birds as much as Bird does, and always wants to be a fired-up contributor. When Pig made his debut with the Bad Piggies, he turned into a monster and scared the birds. Pig can also use a yellow glow power to make his opponents go wherever he controls them.

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Pig (preferred), Yellow Glow Pig, Monster Pig, Spikey Pig

Species: Green-skinned pig

Anger Level: Testy

Powers: Using yellow glow power to control enemies (like Silver) and turning into a monster with sharp teeth and red eyes

Hobbies: Contributing to Angry Birds

Best friend: Daniel "Bird"

Hatching a Universe (Angry Birds book) Description Edit

Turned into a pig, but can change back into a human if he wants to, Pig wants to contribute to Angry Birds most of the day. Pig is energetic, strong, and muscular and can either use yellow glow powers or his pig beast powers. What makes him angry? When he thinks something is telling him to stop doing Angry Birds stuff.

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