Spicy omlettes is the first episode in Angry birds Globe travel an is based on mexico

story Edit

red finds a travel coupon on the ground and the whole flock comes to look at it, they get on a plane with the text "Pig air" on it, whilst on the plan, a green bird next to a newspaper looks out the window but was revealed to be a pig with pegs on his tail, the newspaper was revealed to be 2 pigs when Corporal pig whacks them with the newspaper, when they arrive in Mexic, foreman pig, King pig, and a bunch of piggies come out of some bags, then a plane full of pigs comes in. King pig requests for the eggs and the minion pigs go on the mission but see a billboard with a chilli pepper on it then they spice things up a bit.

golden globes Edit

  1. on 1-4, the gold egg is invisible and is in a chamber directly under the leftmost ice tower
  2. on 1-10, it is in the same structure as the corporal pig
  3. on 1-17, it is under the ground and the entrance is between the stone and wood towers
  4. on 1-22, there is a pepper in the middle tower, destroy it with Matilda, another pepper will appear under the slingshot so destroy it with Matildas egg and if you're lucky, she will fly to the top of the cliff where the egg is, otherwise, use chuck to get it
  5. 3 star every level in this episode
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