Spartak's Power Edit

Spartak has the ability to turn in to anything he likes,but it depends on his anger level,if it is low he may turn to a tree, ice block or a ball for attacking pigs,If his anger level is medium he will turn to a pig to foul the pigs and disguise him self then make an incoming attack and if his anger level is high he may turn to a big stone for crushing or a giant hammer,sometimes if his anger level is to high he will turn to a TNT and explode!

Personality Edit

Spartak is great at drama and acting,he just loves turning in to something and acting like it,from that he loves doing performances and plays everybody cheers because they love what he did but how does he come up with who or what to turn and act like in a play well he has a big imagination lots of fantasy.He is very kind but also calm and peaceful and almost everyday he goes away from the flock to his own quit hour he loves doing.Sometimes his bird friends nickname him Drama geek but he does not mind,in fact he likes it.


Species:Green Turaco

Known Aliases:Spartak,Drama geek,Drama bird,Changing bird

Anger level:Acting out

What makes him angry:Someone who bothers him during quiet hour,pigs,if his play goes wrong

Powers:Changing in to anything and using its power

Hobbies:Putting on plays

Favourite holiday:New year

Best friends:Hal,Chuck

PhysicalAppearance Edit

His colour is a light green,he has some hair like feathers at the top of his head,an orange beak,red circles around his eyes and his tail is much longer than most Angry Birds.

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