This a Sunday dungeon where there are tough enemies

Wave 1


Wave 2

2xPig Guards

1xZombie Pirate

Wave 3

3xUnderwater Mines

1xWater Horror

Wave 4

4xShips Kobolds

1xSubmariner Boss

Wave 5

1xShark Emperor Pig

2xRoyal Guards


Shark Emperor Pig and 1000 snoutlings


Wave 1: Watch Out! Submariners are immune to harmful effects! They can also increase their attack power so make sure you have capt'n to remove helpful effects

Wave 2: The Zombie Pirate Pig can revive itself so knockout the guards then kill the Zombie Pirate

Wave 3: Defuse the bombs before attacking that big ghost pig so it can't revive

Wave 4: Defeat the Submariner Boss first because defeating the ship kobolds would make it stronger

Wave 5: Like the Zombie Pirate fight defeat the guards then go for the Shark Emperor Pig as its Megalodon ability will revive it.

Recommended: Red as Samurai (Defend and deal triple damage) or bomb as Capt'n, Matilda as Priestess (To attack and heal) and Prince Porky (To remove Undead Pigs)

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