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Sam is the smallest of the small pigs, and is passionate about the sport, soccer. He has a stronger invisible left foot. He is very skilled at soccer. On the inside, he is not part of the Bad Piggies, because he likes the birds better than them. Also, he hates eating eggs. After 1 year of being a member of the Bad Piggies, the pigs found out he hated eggs and the pigs on the inside. He is smaller than all the birds and pigs, and his powers are kicking a soccer ball at his enemies. Sam is not the only pig who can control Terence; he can pull his hair to make him move!


Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Soccer Pig, Small Pig, Baby Pig (he isn't really a baby)

Species: Green-skinned pig

Anger Level: Annoyed

Powers: Kicking a soccer ball at his opponents

Hobbies: Playing soccer, and finding new soccer fields around the world

Best friends: Daniel "Bird", Chuck and Terence

Hatching a Universe (Angry Birds book) Description[]

Passionate about soccer and the smallest of the birds and pigs, Sam likes the birds more. Sam is tiny, skilled, and sneaky, and kicks his classic soccer ball at whoever bothers him or to just get attention. What makes him angry? The pigs' "nasty" (as he would call it) behavior of stealing the birds' eggs.