Salty is a salty red version of Bubbles, and is a member of Henry and Dashiell's Flock. He has red plumage, black hair, a gray tail, a gray belly, yellow eyebrows, and gray overparts or his eyes. Salty is salty, happy, and piratey. Salty likes candy with a bunch of salt on it and is a bit of a pirate. He even speaks like a pirate.

Personality Edit

Gender: Genderfluid don't ask (non binary transgender genetically enhanced toaster)

Known Aliases: Salt Bird, Pirate Candy Bird

Anger Level: Triggered

What makes him angry: Nazis, lack of chicken tendies

Powers: is a meme Hobbies: Eating candy with salt and sailing on the sea

Best friend: Rubik

Favorite Holiday: YouTube comment section

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