Romiro Naigo is an orange version of Hielo, and is a member of General's Kids. All of his parts of the body is orange, except his beak is red, and his eyebrows are mahogany. Romiro Naigo is humorous, Spanish, and easygoing. Romiro Naigo loves his name and he calls his orange eggsteroid (with red spots) that. He even spends lots of time saying his name over and over again. Romiro Naigo can feeze things with orange ice (50% possibility to contain orange flavor).

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Orange Ice Bird

Anger Level: Annoyed

What makes him angry: Pigs, and his eggsteroid going missing

Powers: Freezing things with (potentially flavorable) orange ice

Hobby: Hanging out with his Romiro Naigo eggsteroid

Best friend: Keith

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

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