This is a worldboss event where you will fight the mighty Zombie Dunkleosteus!


In submarine a submariner appears but then it is scared because something big is coming: Zombie Dunkleosteus!

This event started at February the 10th and ended on February the 14th

Main Prize: Elite Classes, 3000 snoutlings and a new class: Squid Mage!

Squid Mage:

Ink Splat: Deals 50% damage to all enemies and covers them in ink lasts 3 turns

Boiling waters: Target is protected by a hot water barrier, if they are attacked their attackers (If their attackers are covered in Ink )they take 150% damage. Lasts 3 turns


Deals damage to more than one enemy

Attackers can receive big damage


Only one gets the hot water barrier

Pirates will be immune to Ink Splat

The Zombie Dunkleosteus is a pig based on a sea creature like the Shark Emperor

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