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This is an Angry Birds Toons episode Prince Porky will debut in:

Prince Porky likes kicking butt but he wants to kick Tough butts because he's to small and weak for the big guys. But one day a mad Voodoo Doctor came and stole King Pigs crown so like when Wizpig stole the crown so he worked with the birds to get it back and a of a sudden he was stronger! Nowadays Prince Porky always Punch Hinies of tough people.


Prince Porky (Debut)

Voodoo Doctor( Debut)

King Pig

Monty( Cameo on a wanted sign) (Debut)

Red( End of a large absence)




Terrence( Honorary Appearence)

Chef Pig(As Wizpig in flashback)

The blues


This episode was released honorary due to Elite Prince Porky's appearence in ABE

Monty and Voodoo Doctor (Other characters in ABE) also make their first appearance.

Chef Pig appeared for the first time as Wizpig.