Po is a black and white version of Shen, and is a member of Cooking Camp Birds. He has yin-and-yang styled plumage, a black tail, black hair, a black belt, a white belly, a white beak, a white left eyebrow, and a black right eyebrow. Po is religious, peace-minded, and tough. Po likes to learn about good and bad sides and he likes kung fu fighting as well. He is ordered by Skinner to make a Chinese recipe.

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Good and Bad Bird, Yin and Yang Bird, Black and White Bird

Anger Level: Testy

What makes him angry: War and pigs

Powers: Kung fu fighting

Hobbies: Kung fu fighting, studying good and bad sides, and making Chinese recipes

Best friend: Diego

Favorite Holiday: Pirate Bash

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