The Bad Piggies, Great pigs, or egg pigs their ruler of piggy world is king. Contents here. King pig the ruler. Of all cuckoo clock pig a pig who lives in a cuckoo clock. Pig minions (Formerly Known As Minion Pigs) pige washington president of city bird Pig (half bird half pig) Freckled pig aka freckles mechanical car pig fixes everything. Corporal Pig helmet pig aka. Knights for the palace. Years ago they discovered a land to live so they called it pig island they colonized it and hope they overpopulating humans in the outer world but didnt happened so they stay there for various reasons and there enemies are the Angry birds came to Sabotage to the pigs and red say: Surrender your self and after the fight he said: Thats what you get stealing our eggs. So they attack the birds for no reason. Although there halarious but they say they want VENGENCE to the birds and so thats why they got into this mess.

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