Piggy Portal is a sequel to the Angry Birds Toons episode, Run Chuck Run. It's a made-up, non-sequential episode, and yes, it is a sequel to Run Chuck Run.

Like Run Chuck Run, Piggy Portal is additionally an Angry Birds Toons episode. Also, the episode is directed and filmed by a bird that hasn't appeared in any Toons: Hal, the Boomerang Bird. You might know who Hal is. He appeared in the Angry Birds games, not the Toons, and he's basically the Green Bird, but call him Hal.

Synopsis Edit

The episode starts with King Pig and his minions on a website called "Pigbay", and they are ordering a Portal Gun to steal the eggs, and they win the bid. The postage is free, the delivery is estimated now, the payment is "PigPal", and there are no returns accepted. The pigs are very happy that the Portal Gun is on its way. Then, an airplane drops a box that has the Portal Gun in it. King Pig is excited, so he wants to try it out on two scared Minion Pigs, so he shoots out two portals, without harming the Minion Pigs.

Meanwhile, the birds are protecting the eggs. King Pig hides behind a bush and shoots a blue portal at the birds, bust first, he distracts the birds using a fake worm, and one Minion Pig gets the eggswhen the birds aren't looking. However, he gets one egg, and another Minion Pig gets the other two. The birds notice that the eggs are gone, and the pigs have them.

Matilda flies off the slingshot and drops eggs at the pigs, but with the portal, the eggs instead hit Terence, so he flies off the slingshot, but goes into a portal and falls on the birds. When Chuck attempts, he goes into a portal and crashes into a wall of stone. The last to attempt is Bomb, but he goes into a portal, lands in the nest, and explodes, causing the other birds to get injured.

Meanwhile, Red goes to see Mighty Eagle. He gives him a sardine box, which makes Mighty Eagle happy, so he gives Red a Portal Gun, similar to the pigs'.

It's time for revenge so Red flies of the slingshot with the Portal Gun, teleports himself, and defeats the Minion Pigs. Next Matilda shoots eggs into a portal and her eggs hit King Pig several times. Then, Terence crushes King Pig. Finally, Chuck crashes into King Pig and grasps the eggs.

Later that day, Bomb, Matilda, Chuck, Red, and the Blues watch Terence fling King Pig into another country, Iceland, where he falls into the water and gets frozen.

Characters (in order of appearance) Edit

King Pig (same time as the Minion Pigs)

Minion Pigs (same time as King Pig)

Red (same time as Chuck and the eggs)

Chuck (same time as Red and the eggs)

The Eggs (same time as Red and Chuck)

Bomb (same time as Matilda)

Matilda (same time as Bomb)

The Blues


Mighty Eagle

Voice cast Edit

Red, King Pig, Minion Pigs - Antti Pääkkönen

Chuck, Matilda, Minion Pigs - Antti LJ Pääkkönen

Blues - Lynne Guaglione

Blues, Terence - Heljä Heikkinen

Bomb - Pasi Ruohonen

Directed by Hal the Boomerang Bird

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