Paul is a blue version of Shen, and is a member of the Custom Angry Birds. He has blue plumage, a red belly, a black belt, and gray eye underparts. Paul is silent, peace-loving, and strong. Paul loves meditating for hours but if his peace is disturbed, he feels that he has to quit and it is very disappointing. He practices kung fu fighting with the other Shen models if he feels like it. He can also use it ti fight real pigs.

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Meditator Bird, Blue Purple Bird

Anger Level: Testy

What makes him angry: When his peace is disturbed and having to quit meditating, and pigs

Powers: Kung fu

Hobbies: Meditating and kung fu fighting

Best friends: Shen, Chris, Wizard, and Axel

Favorite Holiday: Starlight Jubilee

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