This is an event of ABE.What is new? Undead Pigs invade Piggy Island!

Undead Pirate captain:Easy


The Zombie King: Hard

Zombified Burp: Charge 2 turns:Deals 100% damage to all enemies, they take 50% damage for the next 3 turns

Lucky Soul: Charge 2 turns: Deals 25% damage to all enemies, heals for 200% of dealt damage.

Undead: Revives 3 turns after being knocked out

Prizes: Elite Witch and tons o new stuff


Second time a Zombie was the main antagonist

This is the first time the Zombie King appeared in ABE

This is Howler's third appearence

This is the Third time a new Zombie Pig is introduced with the first being RevengeofTheZombieDunkleosteus and the second being TukanHAMun'sCurse
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