Natalie is an orange version of Stella, and is a member of the Custom Angry Birds. She has orange plumage and hair, brown eyes, purple hair tips, a purple chest, and purple eyelids. Natalie is caring, stubborn, and unruly. Natalie loves nature and shows love to it, but she cries when animals die. Like Stella, she loves to blow bubbles and is stubborn and unruly, and she hates being disagreed with.

Personality Edit

Gender: Female

Known Aliases: Orange Pink Bird, Tree Hugger

Anger Level: Testy

What makes her angry: Death of cute animals, pests (pigs and insects) being disagreed with, and being told what to do

Powers: Blowing bubbles and trapping objects in them

Hobbies: Blowing bubbles and cuddling with cute animals

Best friends: Stella, Alexa, Angel, and Bella

Favorite Holiday: Valentine's Day

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