Mr. Laser


            The Mr. Laser Bird is a white, hershey kisses shaped bird, with a laser pointer on top. The Laser pointer is attached to the top of the head by a metal strap. When the laser is activated, the laser pointer will shoot out 4 beams of laser. The laser pointer is like this- a metal head covering, then a metal rod sticking out of the covering, then an eye sized ball sitcking out which shoots the laser.


           The Laser Bird aka Mr. Laser is a very hard bird to unlock. When shot of the launching device, he goes out in a straight path. When you tap the iPad or click the mouse of the computer, the lasers will be shot out, and if they touch the pigs, the pigs will burst into flames. The lasers can break through these substances- wood,ice/glass, and stone. They cannot break through gold. After 5-15 seconds, depending on the use of the lasers( the lasers deplete Mr. Laser's energy) Mr. Laser will become into his corpse form and blow up.



Damage Mr. Laser gives to the pigs- 20,000x !!!!!!!!!

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