Louis is the light gray bird of the flock. He has two top hairs like Red, a tail like Chuck's, eyebrows like Red's, a round white belly and a beak like Red's. Louis believes in a religion (most people in the world believe in) called Christianity. Every day, Louis says his prayers, wishing everyone will be okay. But, when his brothers, Greg and Anthony, argue or fight, he would break it up. Louis is in the middle of the ages of his brothers. He has this bouncing power, which makes him uncontrollably bounce all over the place. But, Greg knows how to stop the bouncing. Every Sunday, he goes to Christianity Bird Church, where a bunch of birds who are addicted to worshiping God and Jesus go. He still goes there, but his Mama Leoné told him and his brothers to move to Piggy Island.

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Christian Bird, Light Gray Bird

Species: Dove

Anger Level: Annoyed

Powers: Lighting up and bouncing or ricocheting deliriously (all over the place)

Hobby: Worshipping God, Jesus, and Christianity

Best friends: Greg and Anthony

Hatching a Universe (Angry Birds book) Description Edit

Practicing his religion of Christianity, Louis always is concerned about his friends' safety. Louis is joyful, calm, and jumpy, and bounces all over the place at random times. What makes him angry? Anyone who sins.

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