Here is a list of made-up Angry Birds Toons episodes, which introduce new characters: Hal, Stella, Freckle Pig, Chuckmeister, Greg, Louis, Anthony, Stromtrooper Pigs, Shen, Darth Maul, General Grievous, Doctor Pig, Sam, Prince Porky, Daniel "Bird", Stephen "Pig", Ghost Pigs, and more to come.

1. Fruits Galore - The Blues find out where Hal has been - he's been camping all the time! He has packed some delicious fruits that the Blues want to steal!

2. Stella's Elemental Bubble Wands - Stella has arrived to go see the birds, and has showed them her bubble-blowing skills. However, the birds want her to make more kinds of bubble wands. Will Stella be stubborn about this idea?

3. The Swine Store - A Minion Pig has opened up a candy store. What will happen when Bubbles is a customer?

4. Go-Kart Freckles - When Freckles wakes up in the morning, he sees that the pigs built some go-karts for him to drive in different biomes of Piggy Island.

5. Fix-it Mechanic Pig - Mechanic Pig is on a roll today! Whenever there's a problem, he'll fix it.

6. Easter-Meister - On Easter, the Minion Pigs kidnap Chuckmeister, dress him up as the Easter Bunny, and even paint the Eggs and put them in a basket! Will the Blues realize this before the Minion Pigs cause more trouble?

7. Quit Smokin'! - Greg comes across a cigarette on the ground, and starts smoking it! Will Louis, Anthony, and even Matilda stop him!?

8. Space Ranks Part 1 - The Blues and Bubbles get trapped in space bubbles and float into space. Will they get back to Earth, or will they get stranded on an asteroid, having the pigs steal the Eggs?

9. Space Ranks Part 2 - The Minion Pigs team up with Darth Vader on the Death Star to get the Eggs, so Red dressed up as Luke Skywalker. But who exactly is Darth Vader?

10. Shen Was Kung Fu Fighting - Shen invites Chuck to his temple for a Kung Fu match. Will Shen hesitate to fight when Chuck summons Terence!?

11. Darth Maul Attacks - Darth Maul is chosen to get the Eggs, so Bomb dresses up as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

12. Lightsaber Training - Darth Maul trains General Grievous with lightsabers so they can steal the Eggs. But when Chuck dresses up as Han Solo, things don't work out for the two porkers.

13. Matilda and the Beanstalk - Matilda has planted beans in her garden, but she didn't expect them to grow something too huge! 

14. Hide and Seek Rejection - The Blues really want to play a game of hide and seek with the birds, but they all got rejected. But who wouldn't reject them?

15. Butt Transplant (Angry Birds Toons) - The pigs have a plan to perform their first ever butt transplant one of the birds. Which bird will they choose?

16. Egg Hogs - The pigs have captured the Eggs when the Blues got distracted by playing soccer, and Sam (the small pig) steals the soccer ball, too! Will the Blues get the Eggs and the soccer ball back?

17. The Egg Job - The pigs see that a house has been built, and it even has the Eggs! This gives the pigs the idea to come up with anything to steal the Eggs from the house.

18. Backstabbin' Prince Porky - Prince Porky stole the Eggs, and has challenged Daniel (mostly known as "Bird") to a fight, with King Pig and a crowd of Minion Pigs watching them.

19. Piggy Serum - Stephen (mostly known as "Pig") has joined the Bad Piggies, so the Minion Pigs take him to a classroom where he drinks a potion that turns him into a WEREHOG!!!

20. Chuck's Mansion - Chuck has won a mansion thanks to Foreman Pig, who makes the mansion haunted! Will Terence help Chuck escape before Foreman Pig's minions get Chuck killed?

21. Piggies in Pink - The Minion Pigs really want to have fun with Stella, so they paint theirselves pink and lie to her that none of the other pigs like them because their different.

22. A Day in the Life of Terence - It's just another day in the life of Terence: seeing pigs stealing the eggs constantly. Terence will get the Eggs back sooner than you know.































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