King Orange is the main antagonist and final boss of Angry Birds RPG: Stones of the Eight Elements. He has reappeared in the sequel, Angry Birds RPG: Oogielove Saga. It is still unknown if he will appear in Angry Birds RPG: King Pig's Inside Story.


After he escapeded from the sewers, about a year ago which he is currently urine and he found one of his seeds and he regrew his body, he returned to Piggy Island and went to the Spiral Stone and viewed the stones. Suddenly, a Hammer Bro possessed him, forcing him to do evil. He shattered the spiral stone, causing the eight stones to split apart. . King Orange eventually took over King Pig's castle, causing the pigs to move out. After the birds defeat King Pig in Orange Castle, the Hammer Bro that possessed him appears. He fools the birds into going to the time subway and going to the orange tree he was born from. The birds make it to his seed. Hammer Bro appears again in a giant crab-like robot suit and the true final boss begins. After his egg did enough damage, he is released and the second phase beging. Phase 1: Hammer Bro & Orange's Seed, Phase 2: Embryorange, Phase 3: Evil King Orange. After he is defeated in his third form, he actually is destroyed. The birds find out the truth about everything, that the birds killed an unborn orange that was never actually evil and they killed an intelligent life form. Hammmer Bro grinned seeing the guiltiness on their faces. They are forced back in time and preventing anything on the game ever happening. Everyone on Piggy Island celebrates the death of King Orange. After then, the credits roll on.


  • He is actually the Annoying Orange
  • His battle settings were inspired by Giygas from EarthBound
  • The everything such as going back in time, fighting him as an unborn child , etc. were also inspired by Giygas and EarthBound
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