This is another event of ABE but unlike the Worldboss and invasion ones this one is playable through a portal that leads to a mini campaign and the enemies are fought there.

There are a lot of levels and there are some areas, Some Bosses would be fought after a certain amount of levels. Each boss is hard but some are easier than others.

Dragon Players: Easy

Rules: Immunity(Pigs helpful effects cannot be removed)

Gronckle Brute: Medium

Rules: Wildboar(Increases attack power of a pig every 2 turns, lasts 2 turns)

Lavaspurt: Charge 3 turns : Deals 200% damage, all targets take 60% damage for the next 3 turns

Dragon Wizard: Hard

Rules: Rage chilli fills up 10% slower

Flameing Blast: Charge 2 turns: Deals 300% damage, all other enemies receive 100% damage

Nature Dragon: Target is healed by 10% of their maximum health per turn, last 3 turns.

Wildling: Gains bonus attack power while rage chilli fills up.

Main prize: Elite Classes, Lucky Coins

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