Joseph is the dandelion version of Bomb, and is a member of the Custom Angry Birds. He has dandelion plumage, a black dot on his head, and his belly, his fuse, his eye underparts, and his eyebrows are black. Joseph is humorous, lazy, and immature. Joseph is known for watching lots of cartoons and laughing and being immature. When he feels like others are trying to ruin his schedule, or trying to ruin his schedule, he explodes a dandelion and dark gray explosion.

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Dandelion Black Bird, Cartoon Bird

Anger Level: Outraged

What makes him angry: Ruins to his daily schedule, and pigs

Powers: Exploding colors of dandelion and dark gray

Hobbies: Watching cartoons

Best friends: Bomb, Cat, Eddie and Kevin

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

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