John is a maroon version of Bomb, and is a member of Miracle Birds. He has maroon plumage, gray eyebrows, a turquoise beak, and eye underparts, a beak, and a fuse top that are all indigo. John is short-tempered, joking, and fun-loving. John can explode like Bomb models. He looks serious when he's telling a joke to other birds. John is good at doing different voices, but he likes his voice the best.

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Serious Jokester, Voice Bird

Anger Level: Outraged

What makes him angry: Interruptions to his relaxation, and pigs

Powers: Exploding and changing voices

Hobbies: Telling jokes, eating ice cream, and having fun

Best friend: Abraham

Favorite Holiday: Valentine's Day

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