it looks like a slightly larger bomb bird with a biohazard sighn on it and when it hits a object or pig it bursts and a thick black ooze effect happens instead of a explosion and anything nearbye turns a green biohazardish colour as if it were paint but as time goes on it spreads onto other obgects/pigs covering a large area although it only goes so far before it stops and can only get the virus in other areas is another infection bird (if your lucky enough to have 2 in 1 round) also another way to increase the spread is by making the blocks touch a new block it will give it a slight boost and spread it slightly more and if it touches more obgects it spreads even more and if a obgect is infected its far easyer to break and some very weakest/very damaged blocks may even break and if a pig is infected it damages it or possibly kills it

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