It's an episode with funny quotes


Red Bird:Geez this great those pigs stole our eggs

Black Bird:Yes I Knew that

Red Bird:HEY Dude they arrested your brother and sister

Black Bird:Again Great

Boomerang Bird:Leeme Do it

Yellow Bird:(Screaming) DOGGY DOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boomerang Bird:Tweets


Black Bird:;My turn!

Red Bird: You know what Blue Bird we should... try our best

Blue Bird:Yeah,yeah we should

Black Bird:Curse you pigs

Black Bird:Great im in the universe

Black Bird:Oh what do you Know

Father Pig:Well at last our biggest house is completed

Son Pig:I Love You Daddy

Father Pig:I love you to son

Mother Pig:I love you too also son

Yellow Bird: Okay are you ready White

White Bird:Im scared

Brother Pig:Here you go lilttle sis ill tuck you in

Brother Pig 2:How tucking our little sister putting in her crib

Brother Pig 1Fine

Black Bird:(Hums Ode To Joy)

Black Bird:BOOM!

Father Pig:What the heck are you doing here tresspasser?

Son Pig:Yeah tell me you tIbbleweed

Black Bird:Dont call ME THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Bird: You Jest arrested my brother and sister dudes

Brother Pig 1 and 2:YEAH RIGHT

Mother Pig:Do you want to be our prisoner?

Black Bird: (angrilly) NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Brother Bird: WHats Happening here birds

Female Red Bird:I am gonna see my Boyfriend

Big Red Bird:Carry On

Black Bird: Im flashing red

All pigs:Hes gonna blow


Green Bird's little sister:Shut up bird

Developer bird 1:Whats the flames

Developer Bird 2:Black must have destroyed the pigs tremendous house after he exploded

Developer Bird 1:Oh


Corpsed Boomerang Bird:Im all black.

Orange Bird: Wait!

Corsped Boomerang Bird: What?


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