Hielo is the ice bird in Angry Birds Space. He was born as an orange bird in a village in San Ricardo, Spain and raised by a Spanish bird family. Hielo's birth name was actually Juan. Here's the story of how he got the name Hielo: A fire started in the village, and Hielo was the only one who survived. He escaped to space and went to live at Cold Cuts, and found his companion: a golden eggsteroid. That was when he called himself Hielo. After the plot of the Angry Birds Space trailer, he was saved by the Blues, and got back his golden eggsteroid. This was when he joined the Angry Birds flock.

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Ice Bird, Cube Bird, Juan, Spanish Bird

Species: Unknown (used to be some sort of bright orange bird)

Anger Level: Testy

Powers: Freezing objects in his path

Hobbies: Hanging out with his golden eggsteroid and showing loyalty to Spain

Best friends: The Blues and Shen

Hatching a Universe (Angry Birds book) Description Edit

Very protective of his golden eggsteroid, Hielo can freeze anyone who he has to fight. Hielo is cold, loving, and friendly, and has a childhood story in Spain. What makes him angry? When the pigs steal his eggsteroid or when it gets lost.

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