Greg is the dark gray bird of the flock. He has to curved hairs on his head, and two on his tail. He has a beak like Bomb's, eyes like Bomb's (except the underpart of the eye is black), large black eyebrows, and a medium gray belly.

Greg is a bird that is hard to amuse; he was a smoker. He used to have a regular kid voice, but now he has a voice like Will Arnett (as Batman in The LEGO movie). He is the oldest of his brothers, Louis and Anthony, who helped him quit smoking. Greg now likes to work alone, trying to sue tobacco companies. He is now looking at the healthy foods (his favorite healthy food is salad). Greg kept on working alone, until his Mama Leoné (who likes Anthony the best(married to Sergeant O'Leary)) told him and his brothers to move out. So, they all decided to go to Piggy Island.

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Dark Gray Bird, Smoker Bird (formerly)

Species: Crow

Anger Level: Testy

Powers: Blowing smoke or blowing smoke with black "creepies" with red eyes on them only

Hobbies: Hanging out with his brothers and working alone (mostly abusing tobacco companies)

Best friends: Louis and Anthony

Hatching a Universe (Angry Birds book) Description Edit

Formerly a smoker, Greg now has a "Batman" voice. Greg is depressed, man-voiced, and now healthy, and now has the power of blowing smoke with optional black creepies. What makes him angry? When he sees people smoking.

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