the good pigs

the good pigs may sort of resemble the birds enemies, but are good, not bad.

the good pigs have 2 attack forces and these all come in handy. ground force. these good pigs race along the ground to help the birds and other fellow good pigs. good pig air force. its a bird. its a plane. well the plane thing is good enough because these good pigs fly fighter jets, normally of their own construction, into the battlefield to help the ground force and the birds. sometimes a good pig may be in both the air and ground forces. sometimes they might be a guard. but all the time they are reasonably handy.

home. the good pigs live underground, mostly under the bamboo forest. their underground home provides very good protection from danger and hazards. it also provides warmth and camouflage. KNOWN PIGS QUEEN PIG the leader of the good pigs and widow of the good king. GUNNER PIG this looks like a minion pig, but with a plus on his back and a rifle. this pig can come in handy in an ambush. GOOD PIG AIR FORCE CAPTAIN this is like the other good pig air force guys, but has a triple layer shield surrounding his entire plane.

THE GUARDS these are the good pigs that guard the good pig underground and the forts. GOOD MINIONS these make up 75 percent of all the good pigs. they either are soldiers, pilots or common town pigs and have different abilities NINJA CREW this is a group of ninjas who make up 2 percent of all good pigs. lead by the dangerous but also kind of handy ninja general.

Trivia though the good pigs live underground their forts are on ground level.

Queen pig keeps changing her crown. maybe she has a crown collection.

the layout of the good pig underground constantly changes for some reason

the good pigs power up which gets them to the level shows pigs with blue snouts. the good pigs have almost white ears

Gunner pig`s gun generally is a rifle but when nearby his leader Queen pig, the gun is a pistol.

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