This is a castle that can be unlocked with a golden egg. It has 5 waves

Wave 1

3x Golden Pigs

1x Wealthy Rogue

Wave 2

2xGolden Pigs

1xDiamond Pig

Wave 3

4x Golden Pigs

1x Golden Ninja

1x Golden Knight

Wave 4

2x Golden Brutes

Wave 5

1x Diamond Queen

Now if you don't know the enemys here they are(Each enemy's stats are at level 1)

Diamond Pig


Hard Headbutt!: Deals 10 damage 100% chance to stun target for 1 turn

Golden Ninja:


Shiny Sword: Deals 2x25 damage

Hard Bling: If any enemy attacks target their attack power is lowered by 25%

Dodge: Cant take more than 30 damage.

Golden Knight:


Bling Strike: Deals 50 damage.

Golden Armour: All targets receive 10% less damage

Ironclad: Damage less than 50% deals only half the damage.

Golden Brute :

HP 186

Smash: Charge 3 turns. Deals 100 damage

Diamond Queen: 405

Double Hit!: Deals 2x 30 damage.

Diamonds are strong: Increases attack power by 50%, Lasts 3 turns.

Full storage: Drops Friendship Eccence hen attacked

Main Prize : 500 lucky coins!!!!!

Not to be confused with Golden Cloud Castle

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