• Goldbird is seen in the Angry birds of a feather show as the duetagonis, Red used to be bullied by goldbird back in 5th grade so he wasn't alowed to be in the flock, goldbird then treated the other birds like friends and still wasn't allowed but he was proven to be worthy by beating up King Eugene smoothcheeks. Goldbirds was then accepted as a flock member as he is seen for the rest of the series
  • apperaence: he is round and yellow, gray eyebrows, left eye has a scar, three yellow head feathers, four dark blue tail feathers, three freckles on each of his cheeks, very light grey chest feathers and orange smiling beak.
  • power/ability: once launched, he will make a trail of golden feathers that fall onto pigs and make them sneeze/go slightly into a random direction, when the screen is tapped, he will make a shockwave in front of him then fall to the ground and spin towards the left (kind of like willow, Tony's, reds fr angry birds two combined)
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