General is a blue version of Terence and is the leader of the Custom Angry Birds. He has blue plumage, gold plumage, indigo spots and eye underparts, and a big vertical scar with a bloodshot right eye. He sometimes wears a brown belt with a gold star in the middle. General is brave, strong, tough, and smart. General is the only Terence model who can talk. He has a big story on his big scar: it was because of a war with the toughest pigs on the Island of Custom Angry Birds characters. He has two choices of powers: Using his big body to annihilate piggy fortresses or something, or he can use his sword to go for the kill.

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Scar Bird, Blue Big Brother Bird, Belt Bird, Sword Bird, Fighter Bird

Anger Level: Testy

What makes him angry: Pigs and other various foes

Powers: Body wrecking or using his sword to whack his enemies

Hobbies: Practicing for battle

Best friends: Terence, Boulder, Joe, and David

Favorite Holiday: Starlight Jubilee

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