Fruits Galore is the first episode of the Custom Angry Birds Toons.

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Episode number: 53

Air Date: March 16, 2014

Previous Episode: Bomb's Awake

Next Episode: Stella's Elemental Bubble Wands

Plot Edit

The Blues are playing and laughing on the plains of Piggy Island, until Blue Jim hesitates, and he gets the other Blues' attention. Jim asks them about Hal, but the other Blues are confused, so Jim makes a face that looks exactly like Hal's, and now the two Blues understand, and they even hear a familiar voice. The Blues sneak out of a bush to see that that voice is Hal. He is getting ready to dump a sack of fruits into a basket. After he does so, he gazes at his fresh fruits. Hal wonders which one he should pick. He chooses the most basic fruit: the apple. He has a hard time taking a bite out of it for a brief second, but he is calm and finally starts eating the apple. However the Blues are in his fruit basket, wanting to steal one of his cherries. Holding the cherry, Jay tells Jake to tell Jim to duck down. As Jake does so, Jim stubbornly asks why. Frustrated, Jake tells him Hal is the reason. Now Jim gets it. Jay sees that Hal is about to look, so the Bluex finally duck down. All Hal ever sees is a lemon and three grapes falling out of the basket. This causes Hal to giggle. The Blues, with three cherries, blow raspberry to Hal and climb up into a tree. When Hal is picking up the lemon and threef

grapes, he sees that there are other fruits in the basket, so he jumps in a grabs (with his large beak) a pineapple, a banana, an orange, and a lime. After he swallows, he now pays attention to the lemon and three grapes.

Inside the tree, the Blues are laughing because they stole Hal's fruits. They take a peek at the basket, and they see that it's full of cherries! The Blues, excited to see the cherries, run out of the tree. Back to Hal, he zips his tent, which is dark on the inside, and he strikes a match to light a campfire. When his whole tent is lit up, he is ready to eat the lemon and three grapes. Outside the tent, thr Blues walk by Hal's tent and jump onto the basket of cherries at sunset. Jake thinks for a bit, and he has an idea: he jumps off the basket to get the sack Hal had to dump his fruits. Jay and Jim think this is a great idea, so they lean the basket towards Jim and the sack, and they dump all the cherries into the sack. After this, Jay tells that Hal is going to be angry with them, mimicking Hal again. This makes Jake and Jim laugh.

At night, Hal comes out of his tent, realizing that there is a cherry there. Hal finds it cute, and brings the cherry inside, eating it, and zipping the tent. The Blues come back with three more cherries. When they hear Hal about to zip the tent back open, they dash out of sight, and this time Hal has his pajamas on. He sees the three cherries, and he counts them. He brings them in, a little scared. It's time for the Blues to bring in all the cherries. With Hal's pajamas off, he screams and sees that there a bunch of cherries in his way. Speechless, he again zips his tent closed. The Blues laugh really hard. Hal does not know what to do, until he hears the Blues laughing out loud (LOL). The Blues' laughing comes to an end when Hal comes into their tree. Hal realizes the Blues stole his cherries. Hal is a bit angry. The Blues express to Hal that they really wanted some of his fruits. Hal is easygoing about this. The Blues say, "YAY!" It's time for Hal to rest.

In the morning, Hal eats yet another apple, until the Blues come out. Blue Jim has a pineapple on his head, and he throws it off and it lands on Hal's head. Breaking the fourth wall, Hal lets out a little laugh. As the credits roll, the Blues declare a food fight with fruits, and Hal joins in. They have a lot of fun until the credits end.

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The Blues (1st appearance)

Hal (1st appearance)

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