Elite Prince Porky or EPP for short, is a Stronger version of Prince Porky. Is a playable pig in EPIC. He has the same abilities but the are stronger:

Righteous Backstab: Deals 3x Medium damage.

Tit for tat : Increases attack power of all ally's by 40% but they suffer 5% More damage.

Holy Hand Grenade: Deals EXTREME damage to all enemies, all undead enemy's that are knocked out by the blast or currently reviving are removed from the battle.

How to get EPP: You have to win 5 battles with him, then you will be offered an upgrade costing 10 lucky coins. Buy it and your Prince Porky is upgraded. He also can be used in any level. If you use him in a level where he is the enemy. He will be replaced by a rogue leader


Triple Damage is very effective on Ninja pigs

Rage ability can white out Undead Pigs, Bring him to undead pig battles

Can increase attack power of ally's



Not to be confused with PrincePig

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