Dice is a multi-colored version of Hielo and is a member of the Custom Angry Birds. He has a white face, a light blue right side, an electric lime head, a white bottom, a bright orange left side, and a purple back. He has a light blue left eyebrow and top tail hair, a purple right eyebrow and bottom hair, a bright orange top hair, and an electric lime bottom tail hair. Dice is Spanish, complex, and shuffled. Dice is a Spanish expert on probability and loves to keep everyone guessing. He will even do a probability tests like picking a random marble from a bag. He also has is very own white egg with bright orange, electric lime, light blue, and purple spots. Dice can freeze objects with one color. It will either be light blue, bright orange, electric lime, purple or white.

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Dice Bird, Probability Bird, Multi-colored Ice Bird

Anger Level: Annoyed

What makes him angry: Pigs

Powers: Freezing objects with a random color

Hobbies: Probability tests and hanging out with his white egg with multi-colored spots

Best friends: Hielo, Gonzalo, Fernando, José

Favorite Holiday: Onionfest

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