Daniel "Bird" is the very smallest of all the characters (except Sam). He has regular blue plumage, a beak like Red's, two glowing orange eyebrows, a white belly and long brown hair. He used to be a human, but he was "birdified" one day. As a human, he has short hair, but as a bird, it is still long. His real name is Daniel, but he goes by Bird. He is the brother of Stephen "Pig". Bird is Angry Birds' biggest fan along with Pig. Bird also plays soccer, and he is left footed. He wears cleats called Nike Mercurial Vapors (which he calls Bird18 Mercurials), which are yellow in the front, and orange at the back. He can used them to pop pigs, with the swirling volt (bright yellow) and citrus (orange) colors surrounding him before using his left boot to kick the pigs.

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Bird (preferred), long-haired huff-a-puff, Mercurial Bird

Species: Human-being (can change into a bird if he wants to)

Anger Level: Testy

Powers: Using the left Mercurial cleat to strike against the pigs with the swirling volt and citrus colors

Hobbies: Contributing to Angry Birds (most of the time), playing soccer and hanging out with family

Best friend: Stephen "Pig"

Hatching a Universe (Angry Birds book) Description Edit

Once permanently birdified, but can now change to a human or back to a bird anytime, Bird contributes to Angry Birds a lot (almost all day). Bird is athletic, brave and smart and wears Bird18 Mercurials when playing soccer or can use them to fight the pigs. What makes him angry? When he scores with his right foot and when someone says something that opposes Angry Birds.

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