Cyber-pigs strike back! is an event in Custom AB Epic. It started 1st August and finished 5th September. Unlike other events, only one pig is fought at a time (and eventually supporting pigs that can be summoned).

Enemies Edit

All stats displayed for level 10

Spy Edit

Spy is an easy enemy in this event. This pig resembles a minion pig wearing spy googles and holding a flashlight.

Special Rules: You can't use The Blues in this battle.

Reward: 250 event points

Stamina cost: 2


HP 2010

X-Ray - Immediately removes all helpful effects from target. Deals 130 damage.

Call for Aid - Charge 2 turns. Calls Medic as support

Spy Instinct - Passive. 8% chance to auto-cleanse every turn.

Medic Edit

Medics can be summoned by Spy as support (2 at a time). These pigs are carrying first aid kits as off-hand items. They don't attack, but heal allies.


HP 300

First Aid - Heals target for 225 health.

Antidote - Immediately removes all harmful effects from the target ally.

Cyber Pig Edit

Enemy for normal battle. This pig is mechanical. Has got LOTS of health and good attack power.

Special Rules: You must use Stella in this battle.

Reward: 600 event points.

Stamina cost: 5

Cyber pig

HP 9030

Mecha Headbutt - Deals 160 damage. 100% to stun the target for one turn.

Laser Assault - Charge 3 turns. Deals 470 damage to all enemies.

Hard Steel - Passive. Reduces taken damage by 10%

Steel Giant Edit

Enemy for hard battle. It's MUCH larger than regular Cyber Pig and has got additional weapon and more health.

Special Rules: You can't use potions in this battle.

Reward: 1250 event points.

Stamina cost: 7

Steel giant-0

HP 16500

Overpowered Grab - Charge 2 turns. Deals 580 damage.

Missile Volley - Deals 240 damage to all enemies. 15% chance to stun for 1 turn.

Heavy but Quick - The pigs attack first!

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