Vivid Birds Edit

Vivid Birds are named this way because they have vivid description on their format sheet. Here's a list of them:

Dr. Larry (Red)

Diaper Baby (Blues)

Duncan (Chuck)

Julian (Bomb)

Sandy (Matilda)

Hilton (Hal)

Steven (Terence)

Carlos (Bubbles)

Blizzard (Shen)

Sergio (Hielo)

Donald (Chuckmeister)

Candy (Stella)

Cooking Camp Birds Edit

Cooking Camp Birds are all ordered by their harsh leader, Skinner, and their job is to make food for the Custom Angry Birds to survive. Here's a list of them:

Skinner (Red)

Gavin (Blues)

Calvin (Chuck)

Ross (Bomb)

Lily (Matilda)

Fabian (Hal)

Walter (Terence)

Dough (Bubbles)

Po (Shen)

Diego (Hielo)

JP (Chuckmeister)

Jaylinne (Stella)

Busy Birds Edit

Busy Birds are a group of birds that aren't lazy and always do the work if others can't. Here's a list of them:

Guiseppe (Red)

Fergus (Blues)

Morgan (Chuck)

Byron (Bomb)

Lauren (Matilda)

Brek (Hal)

Ian (Terence)

Garfield (Bubbles)

Ki (Shen)

Antonio (Hielo)

Aqib (Chuckmeister)

Jasmine (Stella)

Henry and Dashiell's Flock Edit

Henry and Dashiell's Flock includes Henry and Dashiell who have a flock that have closely similar personalities to the real Angry Birds flock. Here's a list of them:

Henry (Red)

Pew (Blues)

Dashiell (Chuck)

Phil (Bomb)

Darlene (Matilda)

Jellyjam (Hal)

Joplin (Terence)

Salty (Bubbles)

Boobamb (Shen)

Rubik (Hielo)

Søren (Chuckmeister)

Charlotte (Stella)

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