PLEASE NOTE: Each Series 2 Custom Angry Bird has a relationship with only one friend which means that it says: Best friend: Gred (for example). Plus, the Series 2 Custom Angry Birds have names for each set of the 12 Custom Angry Birds. If you want to see the next set, look at Custom Angry Birds Series 3 (4 Sets For Each)

New Custom Birds Edit

New Custom Birds is named this way because they are the first group after the 48 original Custom Angry Birds. Here's a list of them:

Gred (Red)

Evan (Blues)

Bradley (Chuck)

Tom (Bomb)

Karina (Matilda)

Randall (Hal)

Bill (Terence)

Fudge Dippy (Bubbles)

Kuchi-ku (Shen)

Villaseñor (Hielo)

Bradmeister (Chuckmeister)

Savanna (Stella)

General's kids Edit

General's kids are General's children which are abandoned abandoned birdlings that were found on the island of Custom Angry Birds by General. But they were abandoned when General teleported to the human world. Here's a list of them:

Gerald (Red)

Michael (Blues)

Jamie (Chuck)

Rudy (Bomb)

Genevieve (Matilda)

Lucas (Hal)

Keith (Terence)

Jack (Bubbles)

Zackariah (Shen)

Romiro Naigo (Hielo)

Gabe (Chuckmeister)

Jocelyn (Stella)

Holiday Birds Edit

Holiday Birds are birds that are based on their favorite holidays. The favorite holidays are Valentine's Day, St. "Piggy's" Day, Easter, Onionfest, Summer Luau, Starlight Jubilee, Baseball Season, Pirate Bash, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. Here's a list of them:

Gerrard (Red)

Shawn (Blues)

"Plushchenko" (Chuck)

Patty (Bomb)

Dana (Matilda)

Alan (Hal)

Sarge (Terence)

Owen (Bubbles)

Jason (Shen)

Pablo (Hielo)

Alex (Chuckmeister)

Scarlette (Stella)

Miracle Birds Edit

Miracle Birds get their name that way because they always seem to make miracles happen. Here's a list of them:

Papíss (Red)

Abraham (Blues)

Shane (Chuck)

John (Bomb)

Susie (Matilda)

Doug (Hal)

Andrew (Terence)

Ramsey (Bubbles)

Isaiah (Shen)

Torres (Hielo)

Séamus (Chuckmeister)

Maria (Stella)

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