PLEASE NOTE: You MUST read the trivia or you might get really confused. 4 sets for each means that there are four sets of 12 birds in each series. If you want to see more Custom Angry Birds, see Custom Angry Birds Series 2 (4 Sets for each)

List of Custom Angry Birds (Series 1)Edit

Peter (Red)

Ninja (Red)

Benny (Blues)

Mantis (Blues)

Maxwell (Chuck)

Olympian (Chuck)

Joseph (Bomb)

Cat (Bomb)

Rosie (Matilda)

Grassblade (Matilda)

Omar (Hal)

Chatty (Hal)

General (Terence)

Boulder (Terence)

Theo (Bubbles)

Chocolate (CAB) (Bubbles) (Well, there's another page of Chocolate Birds, so that's why the link is this way.)

Chris (Shen)

Wizard (Shen)

Gonzalo (Hielo)

Dice (Hielo)

Robert (Chuckmeister)

Velvet (Chuckmeister)

Alexa (Stella)

Angel (Stella)

Bryan (Red)

Scarloe (Red)

Juan (Blues)

Moses (Blues)

Albert (Chuck)

Muhammad (Chuck)

Eddie (Bomb)

Kevin (Bomb)

Tiffany (Matilda)

Jessica (Matilda)

Erik (Hal)

Kyle (Hal)

Joe (Terence)

David (Terence)

Otto (Bubbles)

Landon (Bubbles)

Paul (Shen)

Axel (Shen)

Fernando (Hielo)

José (Hielo)

Trevor (Chuckmeister)

Kieran (Chuckmeister)

Bella (Stella)

Natalie (Stella)

Trivia Edit

  • All of these custom birds appear in Angry Birds Human World Stories.
  • When a body part isn't mentioned in the personality, then it's just the color like the regular bird.
  • When learning about the Custom Birds, they will have certain favorite holidays from the game Papa's Cupcakeria.
  • General is the leader of the custom birds.
  • General is the only Terence model who actually talks.
  • Axel is the only bird of the custom birds who has braces.
  • The Custom Birds are actually just a group of created birds who call themselves Custom Birds.
  • All the Custom Bombs explode and all have schedules.
  • The Custom Blues don't split.
  • One Custom Bird of each set doesn't have a common name; the others do. (Except for Terence because there's TWO models who don't have common names.)
  • Matilda models study different parts of nature.
  • Bubbles's models all love candy.
  • There's a fraction in Stella's models in which whether they are stubborn or not (or if they hate being disagreed with or not).
  • Terence's models all wreck things.
  • Chuckmeister's models all make up an animation crew.
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