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Chuckmeister is Chuck's cousin. He has two yellow top feathers shaped like Red's, and he is a triangle. He has eyebrows like Red and eye black under them, and a white belly, a tail like Red, and a small bill that is able to split apart when opened. In his childhood, Chuckmeister had GHD (Growth Hormone Deficiency). He joined the flock after Bomb and Matilda did, but was banned for cussing six times when the pigs stole the eggs. When he was banned, he began a career of making animations on his Apple Mac computer. He then made a series called Stephen & Chuckmeister Bloopers (SCB), which was a daily series. After about 50 episodes, he found a ruby which smelled spicy, so he ate it, and got fire powers, which made his 51st episode be "Wildfire Chuckmeister". In 2013, he returned to the flock, continuing his animations career, adding three more protagonists: Daniel "Bird", Red, and Minty Zaki, a Sugar Rush racer. But, in 2014, he broke up best friendship with Stephen, because he got the nickname, "Pig". So, the series is now named Chuckmeister Bloopers.


Gender: Male

Known Aliases: Cousin Yellow Bird, Fire Bird, Video Bird, Computer Bird

Species: Canary

Anger Level: Testy

Powers: Causing fires

Hobby: Making daily animations

Best friends: Stephen "Pig" (formerly), Daniel "Bird", Chuck and Red

Hatching a Universe (Angry Birds book) Description[]

Having a favorite career of making animations, Chuckmeister makes them daily. Chuckmeister is creative, talented, and flammable, and has fire powers. What makes him angry? Glitches on his computer, and pigs trying to disorganize his works.