power: turns into candy

First level appearence: theme sc-16
Gender: female
Species: unknown
Locations: AB sugarcandy
Strength: stronger than mighty eagle
Size: tiny- smaller than orange bird


Personal data

Name: Pine

Known aliases: sweet bird, sugar bird, yummy bird

Best friends: green bird, helmet pig 


Unlike the other birds, Pine hates fighting bad piggies and secretly dates helmet pig. (Green bird takes ultimate dis- liking to this, but oh well.) She has been seen catching Red's eye, which offends female red bird. Genrally, all female birds hate her (this is sad, as pink bird is her sister).


She is pink bird's twin.

Her name come from her exotic color.

She tries her hardest to remove Helmet pig from the bad piggies, and once tried hypnotizing Helmet pig into thinking eggs were disgusting. Unfortunately, King pig stepped in and ruined it all, but could do nothing as he was so striken by Pine's good looks.

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