Butt Transplant is the 31st episode of Angry Birds For Life and the 151st episode of the Angry Birds TV Show.


The birds are having thier normal morning. After all the birds had thier breakfast, Red, Chuck, Matilda, Al, and Ice Bird get hired at the Plant Kingdom Hospital to perform the first ever "butt transplant" Al explains it to the blues, and they get all crazy exited. Jay, Jake, or Jim assists that they have to go see it. They get to the hospital and they have to find a way to get to the butt transplant. They jump into a closthes basket and it gets pushed by a Garlic. After the Garlic delivers the clothes, the blues jump out and end up dressed as doctors and finaly get to the butt transplant just in time and the doctors couldn't make it so the blues had to do it, and they discover it was Bomb that was getting the trasplant, they mess it up and the butt bounces around the hospitle, the doctors make it and do the surgery, while the surgery is taking place, the blues return to Piggy Island, and the other birds get back, and Bomb returns with his big new butt as it bounces up and down and side to side as he walks.


  • Jay, Jake, and Jim (main focus)
  • Red
  • Chuck
  • Matilda
  • Ice Bird
  • Al
  • many plants
  • Bomb
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