bryan the eastern bluebird (bryan bauat)(bryan my birdson)(blue artist bird)(3 tnt blue bird)(bryan) is a eastern bluebird and love drawing

powers Edit

he throw 3 small or medium or large tnt,dueing to throwing tnt at pig is make he feel special,and great all the times

size and stagery Edit

he bigger that the blues (jim, jay, jake.) but smaller that red.he is medium (physical) but with his powers he strong (with tnt)

friendships Edit

red:he like red at all times but some time is tricky with the bad piggies stealing the egg

chuck:he play with chuck becasue chuck fast and bryan like being a angry birds

the blues:he act fatherly to the blues

rest of the flock:great,good.

freckled pig:bryan friendship with feckled pig like chuck but freckled pig not fast it becasue freckled pig cute

mechainc pig: bryan and mechainc pig friendship like red is tricky sometime

bad piggies:bryan friends with some bad piggies but not all the

trivia Edit

he was created by bryan bauat (angrybirdsstuff on deviantart)at his birdson on deviantart. his hat is based on a real item that bryan bauat (angrybirdsstuff on deviantart) use to have in real life just like willow on angry birds stella he don't like to take off his hat (cap) off his head.

gallery Edit

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