Angry Birds Transformers - New Character Unlocked BLUESTREAK Gameplay + How to Unlock BLUESTREAK

Angry Birds Transformers - New Character Unlocked BLUESTREAK Gameplay + How to Unlock BLUESTREAK

The Blues joined the rest of the Flock in a raid on one of the Bad Piggies' buildings. As the Flock prepared to get their eggs back, Red and Chuck began to argue on how to proceed. The Blues to commented that they should be fighting pigs, and not each other. Due to Chuck's impatience, the Flock's attack went badly. The Blues wound up buried in rubble while the pigs made their getaway, the eggs still in their possession. Tired of the bigger birds' constant bickering, the Blues went off on their own, winding up crossing paths with Hal. They convinced the older bird to join them in another attempt to rescue the eggs. As the group approached the pigs, they were taken aback by Starscream Pig zipping past them. Figuring something big was going down, Hal urged the Blues to go fetch the rest of the Flock while he stayed behind to keep an eye on King Pig and his gang. The Blues did as the were told, and told Red and the others about what they had witnessed.Angry Birds Transformers #1

Hal and Chuck flew ahead of the group, and when the Blues had caught back up to them, the EggSpark had transformed them into Grimlock Bird and Bumblebee Bird respectively. The Flock puzzled over the artifact and the mysterious changes their friends had just undergone. Grimlock Bird had a sudden angry outburst, and declared the other Birds to be "useless." The Blues took offense, and expressed their confusion over their friend's sudden change in personality. Grimlock Bird insisted that birds who couldn't transform were useless, and to prove his point, changed into... a sort of "wheelbarrow" mode. The Blues were unimpressed, saying that a motorcycle mode would have been much more useful. Losing his temper once more, Grimlock Bird spewed forth a torrent of flame, causing the Blues to recoil in fear. Bumblebee Bird did a better job in demonstrating his ability to transform, and the rest of the flock agreed to touch the EggSpark to grant themselves robotic bodies.


The three Blues wound up sharing one body as "Bluestreak Bird." The rest of the Flock/Autobirds then compulsively began to deliver exposition over who they were and what their personalities were like, which immediately got on Bluestreak Bird's nerves. On Optimus Prime Bird's command, the whole group transformed and rolled out, and shortly caught up to the Deceptihogs. Rushing into battle, Bumblebee Bird received serious damage to his vocal processor, forcing him to communicate in beeps and squeaks. Bluestreak Bird remarked that Bumblebee Bird's new way of communicating was "gonna get old fast." The battle was soon fully underway, with Bluestreak Bird having to contend with three Minion Pigs at once. However, both sides had to put aside their differences when the eggs sprouted robotic arms and legs, began multiplying, and proved themselves to be excessively hostile. Age of Eggstinction!

The two factions joined forces to combat the newly arisen threat, but Bluestreak Bird did not adjust well to working alongside the pigs. Nonetheless, and despite initially griping over it, they agreed to help rescue Starscream Pig after he had been captured by the Eggbots. They only wound up being captured themselves, bound by the same robotic tentacles that had stolen away the Deceptihog.

Finding themselves imprisoned next to Starscream Pig, Bluestreak Bird began to cry. Starscream Pig managed to console them, and with newfound strength, Bluestreak Bird broke free of their bonds. Slumping Starscream Pig over their shoulder, Bluestreak Bird began poking around the structure they were being held captive in. Just as they were commenting that things were suddenly too quiet, they stumbled upon an army of creepy EggBots lying in wait, dropped the pig, and made a run for it. Eventually, they found their way to the outside, and met back up with the rest of the Autobirds and Deceptihogs. Revenge of the Fowlin'!

As the EggSpark continued to affect Piggy Island in more volatile ways, Bluestreak Bird participated in one last desperate dash to seperate the artifact from the land. For his part in the mission, Bluestreak Bird was joined by three mechanically upgraded Minion Pigs. At the first sign of danger, the pigs abandoned Bluestreak Bird on the battlefield, and let him be squashed by a monolith. They soon came to regret their actions, and returned to excavate Bluestreak Bird out of the pile of rubble he was buried under. Bluestreak Bird was quick to forgive the pigs, and resumed course to fetch a "secret weapon..." A giant slingshot! With the device in tow, Bluestreak Bird and the Pigs rendezvoused with the others. Unfortunately, in his absence, Galvatron Pig had become even more volatile and irrational than he normally was. The deranged Deceptihog knocked out Bluestreak Bird with a powerful blow. Nonetheless, the Autobirds' plan worked out despite Bluestreak Bird's absence. The EggSpark was catapulted away from the planet, and the Autobirds reverted back into their original forms. As the Flock reflected on the day's events, the Blues and Chuck began to argue over who was more responsible for their final victory

Bluestreak car and robot form
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