Benny is the orange version of the Blues and is a member of the Custom Angry Birds. He has orange plumage and scarlet underparts of his eyes. Benny is curious, adventurous and delightful. When in a moment with someone, he always wants to know what they're doing and asks questions like, "How do you do that?"; "What's that?"; "Can I try?"; "Is that bad?", etc. When enemies like pigs approach to him, he takes out two mini slingshots and flings hard-shelled minifigures of him.

Personality Edit

Gender: Male

Known Alias: Orange Blue Bird

Anger Level: Annoyed

What makes him angry: Exclusion and pigs

Powers: Flinging hard-shelled minifigures with mini slingshots at targets

Hobbies: Learning about his friends

Best friends: The Blues, Mantis, Juan and Moses

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

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