This is the bad piggies version of Angry Birds Epic(sort of, not really)

Unlike angry birds epic only one character is playable, but your character is really powerful.

You will be selected with Captain RedBeard but new characters are Buyable throughout gameplay and you can buy them with PigMoney (Snoutlings) each boss has unique abilitys and stuff.

Captain RedBeard:Free

Brawler Boss:1500 PigMoney

Voodoo Doctor:3000 PigMoney

ShadowPig:5400 PigMoney

Stinky Stanley the Undead Bone Hunter:10700 PigMoney

Lawrence:20850 PigMoney

Knight of Light:48880 PigMoney

Spirit Caller:75000 PigMoney

Zombie Dunkleosteus:79500

Poseidon Pig:200000 PigMoney

In the last level the swininator appears as the main antagonist in the boss battle you can use 2 characters

Swininator:Level 20: Health 300000

Disintegrate:Charge 3 turns: Deals 1000 damage. 5% chance to immediatly knock out target.

Repairs:Charge 3 turns: Heals for 200 health.

Heavy but Quick: The enemies attack first!

Reward 100000000 PigMoney.

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